Church in Arbroath

How we came to be helping plant a new church in Arbroath

So, we’re part of a new church  in Arbroath now. Quite the story as to how it all came about. We’d been going to St Andrews Church of Scotland in Arbroath for a few years, and had actually been working with the church as their Community Outreach Worker. (That job ended Christmas 2009.)

“What do you think about planting a church in Arbroath?”

We received a phone call in April from a couple in Canada who had come to visit in September 2009. They were pastors in Alberta and, along with their senior pastors and intercessors had been praying about the next steps for their church network. They felt God was leading them to church plant in Scotland, and that this was going to change the nation and beyond!

Quite a big vision. 🙂 Anyway, we prayed and talked about whether it was right for us to be part of this, and the more we prayed, the more vision and YES we felt. We realised it wasn’t a small step to plant a church in Arbroath, but we feel there’s room for a different expression of church in Arbroath, and being part of worship each week, and helping out in other ways, I think we’re going to see God do some amazing things in the town, and we’re just coming more alive in God each week. 🙂

Pastor Gary and Kim Carter came over in June to visit, and to see if we got along okay, scope out the land, meet some key people etc. We quickly realised this was going to be moving quickly, and when they left to go back to Alberta after a couple of weeks we knew that when we came back from Canada we would be helping plant the new church in Arbroath.

Our new church is called Life Church Arbroath.

If you are interested in coming along to our new church in Arbroath, we are meeting at Webster’s Theatre, High Street, 11am.