Love Fringe 2018 Part 1

love fringe 2018

Love Fringe 2018

Wow! We just got home last night from Love Fringe 2018, our annual worship and outreach event in Edinburgh, reaching out on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh during Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world!

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to send out regular testimonies and photos of this amazing event. To lay some context below is some background to what we’ve been up to in Edinburgh!

60 hours of day and night worship, prayer, teaching and outreach

Rosalie and I were in charge of a bunch of things this year, the main one being the planning of all the worship slots. We usually split the time into 2 hour slots, each worship leader/team taking a 2 hour slot. As with all Burn 24-7 events, the worship keeps on going without stopping, moving seamlessly from worship team to team, like passing a baton in a relay race.

The teams we had this year were from Scotland, England, Germany and the USA. πŸ™‚ The worship was fantastic, with a variety of styles and instruments. πŸ™‚

We had some great teaching from Jamie Dickson, who is on the Global Burn 24-7 leadership, Tim Arroyo, Jamie’s friend from Maine, USA, and JJ Waters who is the Burn 24-7 UK Director.

After being in worship since Thursday morning (with some breaks to sleep and eat!) we headed out on Saturday for outreach on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile is called this because it links Edinburgh Castle at the top of the street down to Holyrood Palace at the foot of the street, which is the Queen’s residence when she is in Edinburgh. πŸ™‚ It’s a Medieval cobbled street, lined with cool old buildings and lots of tourist shops.

When the Fringe is on, every little place in Edinburgh’s centre is turned into a venue for over 30000 artists of various genres to perform! Comedy, music, dance, opera, theatre, circus, book readings, and anything else you can think of! As well as all the indoor venues, there are loads and loads of street performers, stalls, buskers of every kind, including spiritual stalls like psychics, tarot card readers, and more. Our outreach kind of takes the form of a street act – we offer to release healing into their body (we pray for people to be healed  – we just change our language to be understood by people not familiar with church) and we give Spiritual Readings (we listen to God for a prophetic/encouraging word or picture to share with them – changing our language to be understood better – less churchy).

This year had a location on the Royal Mile just near the bottom right of this photo above. We were in teams of 3 or 4, and we had a great system of attracting people, people with signs offering Free Healing or Free Spiritual Readings. They would bring people to a line where our ushers would bring us people to minister to! It works really well and our teams ministered to about 300 people in a little over 2 hours!

Over the next number of weeks, I’ll be posting testimonies of God’s goodness, with photos and videos of various worship teams, and testimonies of healing and words from Heaven which changed people’s lives! To whet your appetite here is one testimony. πŸ™‚

Healing of cyst on ovaries

My team’s first person was a lovely lady who came for healing prayer. She had a cyst on her ovaries and was in a lot of pain. We prayed for the pain to go, for her body to come back in alignment as it should be, and that healing would be released into her body, for the cyst to shrivel up and die, and for the reproductive system to be healed. As we prayed the pain disappeared from her body and she was pressing on the place where the cyst had been, amazed that the pain had gone! Obviously, she couldn’t see for sure that everything was okay because it was inside her body, but she is going to the hospital next week for confirmation of the healing! We were able to share the love of God with her, and she went away feeling loved and excited. She actually went back to our sign guy and reported back to him that it was amazing and that she had been healed! It was an amazing start to our evening!

Lots of love from Scotland!

Chris & Rosalie xx

love fringe 2018
Us on the bus to the Royal Mile!