We are learning so much here in Cyprus! For example you may have heard of souvlaki, which is small pieces of skewered meat, usually cooked over a charcoal grill. Souvla, is larger pieces of meat like on the video above. The BBQ here have a spit, and a motor which turns the meat round and round until it’s cooked! It definitely is a slow process but produces gorgeous meat! I was impatient, so did stick a few polish sausages on there to keep me going until the souvla was ready! Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the finished product, but I’m making Lamb souvla later today so I’ll make another video on my Souvla journey!

We have discovered by our noses that Cypriots love bbq, and the amazing smells which waft our way are to die for! This is definitely one reason we need to make more friends here!