Prayer of Confidence in God’s Protection by Derek Prince

Derek Prince Prayer

Prayer of confidence in God’s protection by Derek Prince

Prayer of Confidence in God's protection by Derek PrinceDerek Prince was a world renowned Bible teacher and author. He recognized the value of declaration prayer and wrote many Scripture-based prayer declarations. The following is a well known declaration prayer for daily protection against all forms of the enemy’s attacks:

Prayer of Confidence in God’s Protection by Derek Prince

No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and every tongue which rises against me in judgment I do condemn.

This is my heritage as a servant of the Lord and my righteousness is from You, O Lord of hosts.

If there are those who have been speaking or praying against me, or seeking harm or evil to me, or who have rejected me, I forgive them.

Having forgiven them, I confess any sin on my part towards them, and I bless them in the name of the Lord.

Now I declare, O Lord, that You and You alone are my God, and besides you there is no other – a just God and a Saviour, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – and I worship You!

I submit myself to You today in unreserved obedience.

Having submitted to You Lord, I do as Your Word directs. I resist the devil, all his pressures, his attacks, his deceptions, every instrument or agent he would seek to use against me. I do not submit! I resist him, drive him from me, and exclude him from me in the name of Jesus.

Specifically I reject and repel – Infirmity, infection, inflammation, malignancies, allergies, pain, viruses & every form of witchcraft.

Finally Lord, I thank You that through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, I have passed out from under the curse, and entered into the blessing of Abraham, whom You blessed in all things:

Health, exaltation, reproductiveness, prosperity, victory, and God’s favour . Amen.

Thanks for reading Prayer of Confidence in God’s Protection by Derek Prince. Rosalie and I pray this sometimes, and find it helpful. I hope you do too. If you are interested in praying for our family and ministry please email us or contact us through the contact details on the Barton Bugle Contact Page.