Oh Lord of Scotland

Rosalie and I have changed the words of Oh Flower of Scotland to Oh Lord of Scotland.

Hope you like them. Chords and Lyrics are below the video:

Oh Lord of Scotland – Words: Chris & Rosalie Barton, Music: Flower of Scotland by The Corries
O Lord of Scotland
A                                 D
When will we see your works again
G/D        D
Your glory and splendour
A                       D
advancing on our land
will you renew them
in our generation
G/D      D
and in your mercy
C                       D                  G D
Lord, make them known
Your fame has reached us
We stand in awe
Of all you’ve done
G                  D
the earth was filled with
A                         D
the praises of your Son
G            D
Will you revive us
G               D
in this generation
G/D           D
O Lord of Scotland
C             D
Your kingdom come!

C             D
Your kingdom come!

C             D
Your kingdom come!

Oh Lord of Scotland – Chords and Lyrics