Day 1… End of the day

Ginger shot, Super Juice Me

So, I’ve survived the first day of 28 days Super Juice Me!

The juices tasted okay, not as great as I was hoping, considering all I could think about this evening were the amazing Polish sausages I had on Saturday! But they were quite satisfying, in that I didn’t feel hungry after having one.

Rosalie, David and I went swimming this evening. I’m looking forward to looking fitter in weeks to come. 🙂

Feelings: This evening I’ve been cold and a bit depressed. Trying hard not to think about food, although I’m not really hungry, surprisingly. I really want to eat something…. don’t really care what right now, as I have many ideas running through my mind. lol

Well Day 1 is over. One of my highlights was my GP telling me that a more sensible approach to dieting would be to see the dietician!

Lowlights – thinking about food this evening.