Day 1…So it begins!

Super JUice Me

Today, 12th January, 2015, is the start of my 28 day juice plan, called Super Juice Me. I’m doing this after visiting with friends Allan and Naomi, who have lost a lot of weight and are feeling great. They gave us the Super Juice Me DVD, which is a documentary experiment, where they took 8 volunteers who were suffering from a variety of diseases and took 28 days out of their lives to just drink juice, and see the difference it made on their health.


My juicer, Super Juice Me



So, my first drink this morning was a ginger shot.


Ginger shot, Super Juice Me


Lovely ginger and apple.Lol very tasty actually.

Rosalie said I should day a bit about my feelings, health etc when I post, so I can have a log of my progress. Well this morning I would up very tired and sore, suffering from arthritis, and a wheezy cough. I woke up optimistic for the juice plan, having watched the DVD a couple of days ago. Rosalie and I went to see our GP, to get weighed and let her know I was going on the Juice plan, So, I weigh 100kg this morning.