Moving to West Kilbride

Barton Family - Scotland

Barton Family - ScotlandAfter 11 years in Arbroath the Bartons have moved away. West Kilbride is our new home. đŸ™‚ We’ve had a good home in Arbroath, made a lot of friends and connections, and tried our best to reach out and make a difference in everything we did. So, while it’s exciting to be faced with this new adventure on the west coast, we are also sad to be leaving so many good people behind.

West Kilbride is on the west coast of Scotland, in Ayrshire. It’s the home of the largest Youth With A Mission training location in Scotland, the Seamill Centre. The training base runs the Discipleship Training School, which is the core training course for YWAM worldwide.

Friends in West Kilbride

We have so many of our best friends in West Kilbride – some families we have known since our children were very small. We’re really looking forward to being closer to the Canters, Montgomerys, Petersons, and so many more! (sorry if I left your name out!)

Thanks to the movers!

A big thanks to those of you who helped us move, both in Arbroath and West Kilbride.